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The US Collegiate Poker League was created to be a home and a portal for college poker players. The site will be filled with cutting edge content, great offers from corporate sponsors, and a place for college poker players of all levels to interact, learn and have fun. The US Collegiate Poker League also is producing the Card Player Collegiate Open Championship this fall 2005. This will determine once and for all the best Texas Hold'em college player in the United States.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

From : CANYON NEWS- Los Angeles

2005 Card Player Collegiate Open Championship

If you stroll by any college dormitory nowadays, you just might hear some familiar shouts echoing across campus late at night, "I'm all in," or "Send it!" Spring is in the air, and so is Texas Hold'em Poker-the now-famous pastime for college students around the world.

Much of the game's popularity can be attributed to the phenomenon of TV. ESPN's coverage of the World Series of Poker and The Travel Channel's World Poker Tour continue to rake in high ratings with no end in sight.

No college-mom ever thought poker would be such a great influence-teaching their kids how to strategize, plan, manage money and solve complex problems, not to mention the psychology involved while playing the player and not just your cards. Sounds like the day-to-day challenges of running a business and every day life.

This November, the U.S. Collegiate Poker League, founded by Craig Tapscott and Chadwick Pelletier, shuffles up and deals their Open Championship to crown the best Collegiate Poker Player of 2005. College students (21 and older) around the nation are invited to compete in the biggest, baddest and meanest Poker Brawl of the year.

Each player who enters will have a chance to win prizes with an educational theme from corporate sponsors. The final table, known as the "National Nine(TM)," will have a shot at scholarships, computer systems, electronics, clothing and much more.

Full Tilt Poker, one of the world's premiere and hippest poker sites, will host the online portion of the event. The first rounds will pit school versus school and conference versus conference for a final showdown live in Las Vegas, baby!

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