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The US Collegiate Poker League was created to be a home and a portal for college poker players. The site will be filled with cutting edge content, great offers from corporate sponsors, and a place for college poker players of all levels to interact, learn and have fun. The US Collegiate Poker League also is producing the Card Player Collegiate Open Championship this fall 2005. This will determine once and for all the best Texas Hold'em college player in the United States.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The US Collegiate Poker League

by Craig Tapscott

Card Player College Magazine VOL 1 Issue 3

News & Updates

The CARD PLAYER 2005 Collegiate Open Championship

This November students will compete to see who is the #1 College Texas Hold’em player in the US. The US Collegiate Poker League is producing this event with Card Player magazine and Full Tilt Poker.

Tournament Format

All members of the US Collegiate Poker League can register to compete in this championship. Students will register under their respective college or region. On November 12th and 13th each of the seventy-five colleges and five regions will play down to one winner.

On November 19th these 80 winners will then play down to nine players, our final table. The final nine players will be flown to Las Vegas for a showdown to be taped for television.


Card Player Magazine is the marquee sponsor for the 2005 Collegiate Open Championship. Card Player is recognized as the #1 poker magazine and website in the world. They will be providing a forum on their site for discussion and promotion of the event, as well as prizes for the winners. Card Player will also feature an interview with the winner in Card Player College.

Full Tilt Poker, a cutting edge poker site, featuring some of the top professionals in the game today, will be hosting the online portion of the event. The winner of the 2005 Championship will play Chris Ferguson heads up for the privilege of having their own Full Tilt avatar on the website. Such professionals as Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson, Howard Lederer and Phil Gordon regularly play at Full Tilt Poker.

Other corporate sponsors providing prizes for the championship are Poker Academy, World Poker Jewelry, Intrafitt Individualized Nutrition, High Society Poker, Gallery of Dreams Memorabilia, Real Poker Training, 2010 Design Group, Ace-King Clothing, Scraper Graphics, and MRM Sports Nutrition.

Campus Reps

Got Game? The U.S. Collegiate Poker League is recruiting campus representatives for every College. We’re looking for a badass poker player, with school pride, and tons of connects.

The campus reps will be responsible for promoting the U.S. Collegiate Poker League, our Card Player 2005 Open Championship, as well as future events. The League representatives will also have the opportunity to represent other major players in the industry such as CARD PLAYER Magazine and more.

Reps will assist in the collection of email addresses, referring members, and will also be given complimentary sponsor merchandise. The rep with the most referrals will win a $3000 custom Palm Tree Computer Systems laptop.

League Young Guns & Staff

The League website will feature some of the top young players in the world today. We will be interviewing and discussing strategy with the best cash game, SNG, and tournament players under 30 years old.

Taylor Caby [aka Green Plastic online] will oversee the strategy and mindset for cash games. Matt Smith [aka SamENole] and Jordan [aka iMsoLucky0] will contribute articles geared toward multi-table and sit-and-go tournament strategy.

The League is proud to have Todd Arnold [aka NSXT2 online] as our online guru of sorts. Todd is one of the top online players in the world and a tremendous poker player theorist and player both live and online. He will oversee all of our poker strategy content as well as be available to chat live with League members each week.

Poker Babes

The League is looking for the hottest babes on your campus. Each month members will vote on photos submitted from college campuses across the US. (Please send tasteful HOT! Shots. NO nudity, sorry). The girl with the most votes will win a place on the home page and awarded a month on our calendar for 2006.

Blogs & Forums

All members will be able to create their own journal or blog for all to read and learn from at the League website. They will also be able to discuss and dissect everything about Texas Hold’em poker in our League forums.


THE LEAGUE Membership Benefits

Unrestricted access to the League website (Ages 18 and up)

Belong to the only nationwide network of College Poker Players
Receive as a member 1 League T-shirt ($19.99 value)

FREE entry into our annual Card Player Open Championship Tournament

Exclusive discounts and special offers from our corporate sponsors

The opportunity to be a League campus representative and earn extra $$

Subscription to League online newsletter

A unique League membership account number to be used for future events, giveaways and referral programs

Access to Poker Forums

Poker advice from Top Players

More exciting benefits to come